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Water absorption

Polymers especially rubbers tend to absorb water that result in swelling. In case of big swelling the stability of the polymer is not further given.
Thermoplastic materials absorb normally little amount of water: < 1%.

Weather resistant
Polymers are often not stabilized to be weatherproof. UV-light consists of high energy radiation that could destroy organic molecules. Only fluorinated polymers like PVDF, E-CTFE, FEP, PFA and PTFE could withstand UV radiation and are therefore weather resistant. To guaranty the weatherproof of other polymers special additives must be added. 

Welding is a method to join thermoplastic materials together by means of temperature and pressure. For the welding procedure the welding region of a thermoplastic material is molten and pressed together.
There are three well-known welding methods:
- Heating tool welding
- Extrusion welding (welding rod necessary)
- Hot air welding (welding rod necessary)

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