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Natural rubber
Natural rubber is chemically speaking an isoprene rubber (IR). Natural rubber is produced out latex, the liquid from the rubber tree. Approximately 1/3 of the latex consists of rubber. The latex is filtered afterwards thinned in water and processed with acids so that rubber particles coagulate. Natural rubber is often used for tires and gaskets.

See: chloroprene

Notched impact test
The notched impact test according to ISO 179 is a standardized test to measure the brittleness of a sample. By means of the Charpy method (ISO 179) a rectangular beam is performed with a defined notch (notch tip radius, notch length) and measured in the impact tester. A defined mass at the end of a pendular is used as the impact hammer. The notched sample is positioned in the doorway of the hammer and it is destroyed by the energy of the mass. The energy per cross section of the sample is the measure for the notched impact strength.

Nucleation additives are used for crystalline or semi-crystalline thermoplastic materials to modify the crystalline structure.

Nylon is the popular name of polyamide.

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