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NIKK Knowledge Base: F

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FDA is the abbreviation of Food and Drug Administration, an official institute in the US authorizing the production of food, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Fluoropolymers have high thermal properties and an outmost chemical resistance.
Very popular Fluoropolymers are:
- PTFE (Teflon, non-melting and not weldable)
- TFM (modified Teflon and therefore meltable and weldable)
- FEP (Fluorinated-ethylene-propylene)
- PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy-polymer)
- MFA (Tetrafluoroethylene-perfluoromethyl-ether)
- E-CTFE (Ethylene-trifluoroethylene)
- PCTFE (Polychloro-trifluoroethylene)
- PVDF (Polyvinylidene-fluoride)

Atomic fluorine is very reactive and therefore exists at normal atmosphere only as diatomic-fluorine gas (F2). Fluorine gas is at normal atmosphere toxic and corrosive. By means of fluorine polymers become very chemical resistant. 

Foam, polymeric
Foam is produced by means of foam additives added to a common thermoplastic raw material. During processing gas bubbles are formed remaining in the solidified polymer.
Thermoplastic material could also be foamed by means of chemically or physically methods:
- PVC-foam
- ABS-foam
- PE-foam
- PP-foam

Friction welding
Friction welding is a welding process where two surfaces are pressed and moved against each other under defined conditions. As a result of the movement friction heat is generated sufficient for welding.

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