Wednesday 15-06-2022


We have more than 20 years experience in the field of material science, construction and damage analysis. Due to substantial experience out of R&D, the chemical, the mechanical and fracture mechanical analysis of materials we are able to give substantial aid for your projects.

Practical knowledge

Additionally to our theoretical knowledge we have also substantial practical experience in different industrial applications like chemical industry, the galvanic industry, the pickling industry, the exhaust technique, the civil engineering, etc. Our practical experience is enclosed with the construction of tanks and pipe work, static calculations and the suitable design for the workshop out of plastic, steel and concrete.

Corrosion protection
Due to corrosive environment Steel and concrete construction often need an effective corrosion protection by means of rubber lining, thermoplastic lining or coatings. We could help you by the selection (e.g. technical specification) and application of corrosion protection material. We would like to support you by the preparation of the technical specifications and the quality assurance on site.

Production of plastics

Our experts are skilled in the field of production of thermoplastic semi-finished products by means of extrusion, compression moulding, injection moulding and the winding technology of fibre reinforced plastics (FRP).

Plastic damage prevention
Investigation of damages and the systematic analysis of avoiding damages is a well known field of activity for many years. We analyse together with you the periphery of the damage, predict a damage hypothesis and investigate afterwards the damaged component. After the investigation we will come to a conclusion and we recommend a method to avoid or reduce this kind of damage.