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NIKK Knowledge Base: R

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Radical (chemistry)
A radical or chemical radical, is an atom or molecule with an unpaired electron but electrically neutral and therefore extremely reactive.

Recycling is a process called where waste materials will be used for new products.

Rheology describes the flow of matter, mainly in the liquid state, but also of solids under conditions in which they respond elastically to an applied load. There exist different rheology measurements:
- Capillary viscosimeter
- Plat-to-plate viscosimeter
- Shear viscosimeter

Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) is a moulding process where a fluid resin is injected to a closed mould and cured in the mould. To increase the mechanical properties of the products fibres were added into the mould.
This process is often used in the transportation industry and aerospace industry in limited-lot productions

The roughness or surface roughness is a measure of all imperfections of the surface that is realized as the distance of a fictitious reference line to the real surface. Technically one distinguish in-between different roughness measurements:
- Ra = average value of the measured differences to the reference line
- Rz = average value of the 5 highest point of the surface profile and the 5 deepest points of the surface profile in comparison to the reference line
- Rmax = the maximum deviation in the height and depth to the reference line.
- Rt = the distance between the maximum and minimum deviation to the reference line
- Rpk = the average of the highest points of the surface

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