Wednesday 15-06-2022

NIKK Nederlands Instituut voor Kunststofkennis (The Netherlands Institute for Plastic Knowledge)

The Netherlands Institute for plastics knowledge " (NIKK) is an independent and private institute that offers services on the field of plastics and other materials.

As a committed and responsible process partner having comprehensive industry expertise, NIKK experts and technical consultants provide services throughout their clients’ entire supply chain.

NIKK has more than 20 years of experience in the field of material science. We offer you our Knowledge for the following items:

- Manufacturing of plastics 
- Machining and treatment of plastics
- Welding
- Mechanical treatment of plastics
          o milling
          o sawing
          o Laser sawing
          o Water-jet sawing 
- Vacuum forming, warm forming and bending of plastics 
- Static and thermodynamic calculations of plastic constructions
- Analysis of damages 
- Lifetime predictions of constructions
- Corrosion inspection, analysis and evaluation of corrosion damages
- Experimental prediction of remaining lifetime of a used construction 
- Testing of chemical resistance